Zund cutter Z28 oscillating knife blade, made of extremely durable solid carbide

Zund cutter knife blade Z28, made of extremely durable solid carbide


Zund Rotatary Blade, Zund Z53 Rotatary Blade, Zund Z53, Rotatary Blade, Zund Rotatary Blade, Z53Rotatary Blade, Zund 4800059, Zund 4800059 Blade


Zund blade Z53 / Z-053 / HTZ-53 HM Circular knife compatible for Zund automated cutting machine
Description: Driven round-knife for cutting of single-layer textiles.
Thickness: 0,6 mm.
Tools: DRT and PRT.
Composition: HM - Hard Metal.
Materials: Fabrics, technical fabrics and mineral fibers.

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