Solid Carbide Oscillating Knives, Wheel Knives, Engraving Cutters, Tangential Blades, Router Bits

Precision, powerful, durable, long lifte-time Solid Carbide Circular Knives, Blades, Cutters, Round Knives, Blades for converting, slitting, slotting, trimming, shearing, cut off applications

CNC Digital Cutting system is designed to provide accurate cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials. This CNC knife cutting machine is carried on the multi-tool cutting head–fixed blade, pizza wheel (rotary blade), electric oscillating blade, routing, kiss cut. The Tangential control allows the machine to accurately cut square corners and maintain part accuracy

CNC Digital Cutting Machine, also known as automatic fabric cutting machine with B Model is designed to cut soft material with an auto conveyor system. It could cut fabric, leather, carpet with roll feed stand. Also is good option for cutting film, printable vinyl banners, corrugated plastic sheets, large compressed foam sheets, sandblast rubber templates, displays, POP’s and more.

CNC Digital Cutter Knives & Blades