BHS Knife Blade

BHS knife blade - BHS corrugated board slitter scorer replacement knife blade

BHS Knife - BHS Corrugated Board Slitter Scorer Replacement Knife

Size: Φ240 x Φ32 x 1,2 - 2 x Φ8,5 Login to view the price.USD 90.00 ~ 100.00 / piece
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Product Description

BHS Knife - BHS Corrugated Board Slitter Scorer Replacement Knife BHS Knife - BHS Corrugated Board Slitter Scorer Replacement Knife.


Product Name Tungsten Carbide Razor Slit Knife / Slitter Blade / Circular Knife / Thin Blade
Size O.D 240 x I.D 32 x 1,2mm - 2 x dia. 8,5mm
Material Tungsten carbide ( Cemented Carbide ), VHM
Application Used on slitter scorer machine for slitting corrugated board
OEM Machine Model BHS slitter scorer

5 PCS / CTN,  10 PCS / CTN,  custom packing


Tungsten Carbide Razor Slit Knives - BHS - 240 x 1,2t x 32H - 2 x 8,5

Considering lower grinding cost in China, we are pleased to supply you with the blanks totally ground, to save your costs and time. You should only have to grind teeth or cutting edge at your factory according to special requests, that will benefit for you greatly.

Tolerance of thickness +0.005mm/0.000mm, or +/-0.002mm; Hole / Arbor / Bore with a tolerance of H7 or H6. Other tolerances are available upon your requirements.


Items Common sizes
Holes Available for
1 φ230*φ110*1.1 6(孔 holes)*φ9 FOSBER
2 φ230*φ135*1.1 4 键槽 key slots FOSBER
3 φ220*φ115*1 3(孔 holes)*φ9 AGNATI
4 φ240*φ32*1.2 2(孔 holes)*φ8.5 BHS
5 φ240*φ115*1 3(孔 holes)*φ9 AGNATI
6 φ250*φ150*0.8   PETERS
7 φ257*φ135*1.1   FOSBER
8 φ260*φ112*1.5 6(孔 holes)*φ11 ORANDA
9 φ260*φ140*1.5   ISOWA
10 φ260*φ168.3*1.2 8(孔holes)*φ10.5 MARQUIP
11 φ270*φ168.3*1.5 8(孔holes)*φ10.5 HSEIH
12 φ270*φ140*1.3 6(孔holes)*φ11 VATAN MAKEINA
13 φ270*φ170*1.3 8(孔holes)*φ10.5  
14 φ280*φ160*1 6(孔holes)*φ7.5 MITSUBISHI
15 φ280*φ202*1.4 6(孔holes)*φ8 MITSUBISHI
16 φ291*φ203*1.1 6(孔holes)*φ8.5 FOSBER
17 φ300*φ112*1.2 6(孔holes)*φ11 TCY
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