Eovak Hardmetal is a leading supplier of products, customer solutions and service in the business of carbide disk blanks, carbide saws & cutters, and Machine Knives & Blades, as well as custom made carbides, etc. which are widely used in kinds of modern and traditional industry fields.

Solid Carbide Disc Blanks

Solid carbide disc blanks are the semi-finished products for making solid carbide circular saw blades, milling cutters, circular knives and cutting wheels, etc.

Carbide Saws & Cutters

They are very good choice for milling, cutting off, slitting and slotting metal material such as stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, titanium alloys, etc.

Machine Knives & Blades

They are be used widely in fields, like corrugated board industry, paper industry, plastic, rubber, film, fibre industries, glasses industry and non-ferrous metal industry, etc.

Manufacturing Capablilities

At Eovak Hardmetal we recognize that many processes and applications require specific hardmetal and technology. We pride ourselves on being able to custom design and manufacture our products to fit the specific needs of our customers.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a key element in the strategy of Eovak Hardmetal. we recognize that we play a pivotal role in your success. Your tight production schedules leave no room for product error, which is why we have always turned our knowledge into further developments:new equipmen, innovative technologies, new processes and production methods, improved types of tungsten carbide, long-term investments planned with definite goals in view.

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Our aim is to be a creative, technique-foused and reliable supplier of carbide cutting tools all over the world, to meet your needs with qualified, good performance, competitive cost products and optimum individual service.

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