Solid Carbide Straight Knives, Blades, Cutters, Planer Knives, Rectangular Blades, Flat knives, Woodworking Carbide Strips, Plates, Chemical Fibre Blades

Converting - Cross Cutting - Slotting - Trimming - Shearing - Cut off

Precision, powerful, durable, long lifte-time Solid Carbide Circular Knives, Blades, Cutters, Round Knives, Blades for converting, slitting, slotting, trimming, shearing, cut off applications

Solid Carbide Circular Knives, Tungsten Carbide Circular Blades, Cutters, Round Knives, Blades are widely used in the fields of paper, label, film, foil, print, converting, tissue, non-woven, textile, leather, packing, food, metal, cigarette, tobacco, rubber, plastic, etc. 

Carbide Straight Knives & Blades