Tungsten Carbide, Solid Carbide Razor Slit Knives, specialty made for slitting, converting corrugated boards, card boards, corrugated paper board on OEM slitter scorer machines like BHS, Marquip, Fosber, Mitsubishi / MHI, ISOWA, Agnati, Peters, LMC, TCY, K&H, Hsieh Hsu, Yueli, Justu, Jinshan, Mingwei, Wanlian, Jialong, etc.

These kinds of tungsten carbide razor blades are specialty made for slitting corrugated boards, cardboards, which are made of sub-micron carbide grade.

They are precision made to a high standard, with specially ground finish and sharp cutting edge. They can perform high speed cutting, with a high machining efficiency, accurate slitting and good surface finish. 

They can be manufactured with or without pinholes or keyways, according to customer's requirements.

Corrugated Board Industry