Solid Carbide Circular Knives, Circular Blades, Round Cutters, Razor Thin Blades, Circular Slitter Blades

Precision, powerful, durable, long lifte-time made of Extremely Durable Solid Carbide, Cemented Carbide, Tungsten Carbide grade; Precision ground, mirror polished with sharp cutting-edge, extremely durable with heavy strength, improving your productivity and saving your costs!

We have years of experiences to produce kinds of carbide knives, slitters and blades for the clients. All of them are precision ground, and made of suitable carbide grade, according to the application and the working material. They can perform accurate cutting with prefect efficiency, and enjoy a long life time.. They are be used widely in fields, like corrugated board industry, paper industry, plastic, rubber, film, fibre industries, glasses industry and non-ferrous metal industry, for cutting Corrugated board, Cigarette filter, Plastic, Asbestos tiles, Tape, film, Card board, Paper, Tissue paper, Pulp, Rubber, Ceramics, Non-ferrous metal, Graphite, Glue belt, Glasses, etc.

Carbide Circular Knives & Blades

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