Tungsten carbide razor slit knives Used for slitting corrugated boards, cardboard, etc.

These kinds of tungsten carbide razor blades are specialty made for slitting corrugated boards, cardboards, which are made of sub-micron carbide grade.

They are precision made to a high standard, with specially ground finish and sharp cutting edge. They can perform high speed cutting, with a high machining efficiency, accurate slitting and good surface finish. 

Our carbide circular knives can be manufactured with or without pinholes or keyways, according to customer's requirements.

Tungsten Carbide, Solid Carbide Razor Slit Knives, they are specialty made for slitting, converting corrugated boards, card boards, corrugated paper board on OEM slitter scorer machines like BHS, Marquip, Fosber, Mitsubishi / MHI, ISOWA, Agnati, Peters, LMC, TCY, K&H, Hsieh Hsu, Yueli, Justu, Jinshan, Mingwei, Wanlian, Jialong, etc.

Corrugated Board Slitter Blades