Agnati Knife - Agnati slitter blade - 240 x 115 x 1,0 with 3 pinholes

Agnati slitter knife blade - 240 x 115 x 1,0 with 3 pinholes - Tungsten carbide slit circular knife for Agnati corrugated board slitter.


Quick Details:

Product Name: Tungsten carbide slitter knife, circular thin blade
Size: Φ240 x Φ115 x 1,0 - 3 x Φ9,0
Type: Circular knife, Round knife
Place of Origin: Nanjing, China
Brand Name: EOVAK
Material: Solid Carbide, 100% Virgin Raw Material
Carbide grade (ISO): K30/K40 etc.
Package: 5 pcs/carton, 10 pcs/carton, custom packing
Machine Type: Corrugated board slitter scorer
Machine Brand: AGNATI
Model #: -
Application: Slitting corrugated board, card board, etc.
Advantage: High Wear Resistance, Long Lifetime.
Feature: Precision, Sharp, Mirror-polished, High Performance Cutting
Service: OEM, ODM