Solid carbide V-cutters, V-slotting / V-grooving / V-scoring blades for Printed Circuit Board ( PCB )

Specially made for PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ) v-grooving, v-slotting, v-scoring.

Eovak Hardmetal is a leading supplier of solid carbide V-cutters, V-cutting, V-slotting saw cutters, Tungsten carbide V-scoring blades, we can provide you the precise and powerful v-cutters for your mannual or automatic PCB V-cutting, V-scoring machines, with prefect efficiency, as well as longer life time

Our solid carbide v-cutters can be manufactured with or without pinholes or keyways. TiAlN coating is available upon requests

Use: on CNC-scoring /V-cut machines, manual scoring/V-cut machines

Application: Scoring/V-cut of PCB's in CEM1, CEM2, CEM3, FR2, FR4, FR5, etc.