Solid carbide V-scoring blades for Printed Circuit Board ( PCB )

Solid carbide V-scoring blades, Φ100 x Φ40 x 2.0 - 100 teeth for Printed Circuit Board ( PCB )


What is V-groove(V-cut or scoring)?

The final stage in production is to profile the PCBs and cut them out of the manufacturing panel, either by V-cut scoring or routing.

V-cut Scoring is a process of pre-separation of circuit boards. A ‘V’ shaped groove is cut at the top and bottom surface of an array of multiple repeats of the same printed circuit board or between a board and its rails by leaving a thin layer of separation between the ‘Vs’. The cut is usually 1/3 the depth.

These boards are typically set up side by side and end to end with the edges adjacent to each other. After the assembly, the boards are easily broken or snapped apart along this groove by applying minimal pressure. A single panel can be divided into multiple sections by V-Scoring.