Solid Carbide Blanks & Performs, Tungsten Carbide / Cemented Carbide / VHM Blanks & Performs as sintered or ground finished

Overall sizes and carbide grades meet your special requests timely, totally ground finished blanks can be supplied to help you to save costs and time.

Solid carbide disc blanks are the material for producing solid carbide circular saw blades, tungsten carbide milling cutters, PCB v-cutters, scoring blades, circular knives, cutting wheels, carbide shim as well as matrix for diamond inserts, diamond wheels, etc. Our solid carbide disc blanks have completed grades and sizes, whose minimal outside diameter can reach 3mm and the maximum can reach 320mm. 3800+ sets of moulds are in stock, it guarantted we can meet your requirements of standard sizes or non-standard sizes timely.


Solid carbide circular blanks - Eovak Hardmetal

Solid carbide disc blanks - Ground Finished

Thanks to lower grinding cost at our end, we are pleased to supply you with the blanks totally ground, to save your costs and time. You should only have to grind teeth or cutting edge at your factory according to special requests, that will benefit for you greatly.

Tolerance of thickness +0.02mm/0, +/-0.01mm, +0.005mm/0.000mm, or +/-0.002mm; Hole / Arbor / Bore with a tolerance of H7 or H6. Other tolerances are available upon your requirements. Hollow, Side clearnce, HUB, Drive Pinholes, Keyways, Slots can be make for requests.


Precision ground finished carbide circular blanks - Eovak Hardmetal

Carbide Blanks & Preforms

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