Solid carbide HRC 60 Bronze Nano Coated 4 flutes Roughing End Mills

Solid carbide HRC 60 Bronze Nano Coated 4 flutes Roughing End Mills.  These mills have scallops on the outside diameter which causes the metal chips to break into smaller segments.  This results in lower cutting pressures at a a given radial depth of cut.  They are mainly used to rough mill the material off when large amounts of material are removed.  They come in carbide, cobalt, and HSS substrates, and are often PVD coated with AlTiN or ZrN.  They come in fine, medium and coarse pitch scallops.  They come in stub, standard, long, and extra long lengths.  There are many different helix angles, and flute configurations, because of the many different materials being milled.  They come in a wide variety diameter sizes from 1/8" to 3".



1. Tungsten steel sourced fine particles + imported production equipment.
We use 100% tungsten carbide base material, and refuse to use recycle materials or adulterate materials.
2.We imported SACCKE machines from Germany for fine grinding to achieve stable precision and high finish.
3.Unequal division and unequal helix angle to avoid resonance and increase the surface finish of processed parts.
5.Swiss imported ALoCa coating, heat insulation and high temperature resistance, high-hardness milling.
~3500HV Coating hardness and 950 degree anti-oxygen temperature.
6.Step process/full grinding spiral flute, smooth chip removal during high-speed cutting, no chip accumulation/no chip pileup, greatly improving production efficiency and improving workpiece finish.

Material Titanium alloy, stainless steel
Flutes 4
Type Flat head type
Flute Diameter(mm) 1-12
Shank Diameter d(mm) 4-12
Flute Length(ℓ)(mm) 3-30
Brand MSK
Package Box


Flute Diameter(mm) Flute Length(mm) Shank Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
1 3 4 50
1.5 4 4 50
2 6 4 50
2.5 7 4 50
3 8 4 50
4 11 4 50
5 13 6 50
6 15 6 50
8 20 8 60
10 25 10 75
12 30 12 7